Travel Agents Are Back Says a New MMGY Report


“Our research over the past three or four years, and this year, in particular shows a huge jump—a 50% increase—in the number of travelers who plan to use a travel agent,” says Steve Cohen, VP of insights at MMGY.

The use of travel agents is at a six-year high—and the increase is being driven not by Baby Boomers, but by Millennial travelers, 34% of whom reported using a travel agent, the survey found. 


The survey found that even though Millennials in general, and Millennials in their 30s in particular, are accustomed to reaching for their phones to research and make purchases, they still want to get the best deals and someone to help them find these deals. They are going away from the OTA model and all of a sudden they are showing up at travel agencies again. 


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